Sing-along choruses and big guitar riffs may be the first things that come to mind when thinking of Denver, CO's Broken Record, but on a second glance you'll find even more to love. Broken Record strives to offer the listener a connection, with tense moods and lyrics that reconcile with the realities of adult life.

Still, the band knows how to have a good time. Broken Record half-jokingly describe themselves as "power goth", a blend of emo, post-hardcore, post-punk, and power pop. Broken Record released their debut self-titled EP in May of 2018, with follow-up EP By My Side releasing in February 2019. In April 2020, the band released their first LP, I Died Laughing on Denver label Snappy Little Numbers.

Broken Record have been hard at work writing their second LP, which they plan to release in 2023. In the mean time, check out their new single Weightless, released this past summer.

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Weightless Single b/w Burn It Down - July 2022

I Died Laughing LP - April 2020

By My Side EP - February 2019

Broken Record EP - May 2018